What people say about their experiences learning rope bondage from Noble


 From a Partial Suspension Workshop, August 2009


“Noble is a good presenter – organized and safety-minded. Gives individual instruction when needed.”

“A great workshop for intermediate rope artists – great practice for those of us without hardpoints readily available.”

“Noble is animated & approachable, overall a very good workshop and looking forward to seeing more!”

“I know it doesn’t help you improve, but I can’t think of any way you really can improve. Excellent – well explained, well done.”

“This was very good for a bottom with little or no experience. It gives you the knowledge what to expect in the bottom’s point of view & how or what to communicate to the Top.”

“I plan on taking more classes from you. You made it not only fun but easy to understand and very easy to ask questions. I recommend that anyone interested in rope play to take your classes.”

“Overall very very good. Would have shortened safety portion 20% but important topic.”

“Thanks for tying me up! :)”

From an Intermediate Rope Bondage Workshop, April 2009

“New to PDX kinky community, wonderful welcome experience, Thanks!”

“Awesome! Thanks for making a wonderful space and opportunity for people to learn consensual bondage.”

“Loved it!”

“Thank you Noble for being so willing to hold these workshops so someone like myself, regardless of level, can learn & experience bondage and different ideas.”

“Noble was always patient and responsive to all questions, simple or complex.”

From a Rope Fundamentals workshop, March 2009

“Really enjoyed class; very respectful, courteous, knowledgeable…”

“I really appreciate how detailed and helpful the class and materials are. The pictures in the handouts are wonderful and easy to follow.”

“Nice work”

“An hour in, I felt like ‘Oh, jeez, we have 2 more hours & my brain is full.” But then it seemed fine, & the rest of the time flew by…”

“Thank you so much! While I have attended a different ‘Beginner’s’ class, this helped reinforce & expand on what I already knew. Looking forward to the intermediate class next month. :)”

From a Bondage for Impact Play Workshop, March 2009

“Great class”

“Great workshop; I have no complaints, would pay more for the amount of info/material. THANK YOU!”

“Noble just gets better and better. He is a great speaker and very knowledgeable. He gave a lot of tips that make a huge difference to learning to play.”

“Very excellent for rope and impact techniques”

“Lots of content for the amount of time.”

“I enjoyed your psychological input, i.e. headplay. Your presentation was engaging and informative—it satisfied the sensual interest I have but also introduced anatomy information that I hadn’t thought of!”


“Nice job, yo.”

“Fantastic course.”

“I am really enjoying these workshops.”

“All good”

Inazuma Nawa in Salem March 2009

“Wonderful new info—easy to use and presented in an easy to understand format.”

“Learned a lot. Felt very at ease learning from the presenters.”

“I was nervous being a total beginner, but it was very informative, comfortable, and a lot of help was available. I learned so much and fell in love with this style. Thank you!”

“Very easy to learn and thank you to all that helped w/showing the correct way to get it done!”

“The handout materials are excellent. I think Bradley and Noble should teach this every chance they get. I really look forward to the book.”

“I think this class was amazing and this concept of rope bondage makes me feel so much more comfortable as I have had a few knots tied on me incorrectly. I was VERY IMPRESSED.”

“Very awesome communication. I loved how you made sure no one got left behind.”

“Really enjoy the style and presentation.”

Comments about a Bondage for Lovers Workshop Feb 2009

“I enjoyed the workshop immensely. It was a very comfortable environment and the instructor and adjuncts were extremely attentive and helpful.”

“Very helpful and inspirational workshop! Noble’s an excellent teacher, mixing the right amount of humor, thoughtfulness and knowledge. Thank you!”

“Everyone was wonderful. Great help.”

“Wonderful presentation. Made things from books clearer. Confident enough now to tie up my lovers.”

“Awesome overall. Learned new knots & refreshed on ones I already knew. Friendly instruction, pretty & cooperative subjects.”

“Thank you for a very informative and comfortable experience.”

“The explanations of the scenarios and situations that rope play could lead to were very helpful. I liked hearing about the reasons and paths of exploration relating to scene play.”

“Very enjoyable.”

“Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience.”

“Great content/knowledgeable! Fun!”

“The presenter is knowledgeable and articulate. He assumed no prior knowledge and demonstrated respect and communication between partners. Yay! Good job.”

“Noble, Thank you so much for the excellent workshop. We all three had a great time. We all learned so much from you and your lady. She was very helpful with a problem knot none of us could figure out. This was the best Valentines present we ever gave each other. I am going to keep an eye out for future workshops. You are a very good and patient teacher.”

Feedback from a small workshop in February on Inazuma Nawa

“Lot’s of individual help from presenters, that was good (and appreciated). This is a great system!”

“Awesome! Easy. Like how easy it is to get someone out of. Looking forward to seeing the Book!”

“Thank you!”

“Great workshop. I had fun and learned a lot.”

“You obviously know your subject very well, and teach it quite well, also. Nice Work!”

“As before, I enjoyed your pragmatic approach. Pacing is right on.”

Feedback from a small group workshop:

“Thanks so much for having these workshops and sharing your knowledge.”

“Excellent Workshop, thank you!”

“Great workshop, thanks so much.”

Praise from attendees of a workshop on Bamboo and Bondage:

“Class was cool!!!!!!!!!! Instructor and his sub were hot!!!!!

“I really got my money’s worth from this workshop. The handout had SUPERIOR photos/instructions for what to do with the rope & poles, the demonstrations were hot and I was able to accomplish all of the ties (and create a genuine tripod) that day. I’d rate the experience an A+.”

“Very cool. Didn’t even know this existed. Has expanded my world view of Bondage possibilities!”

“Even as a bottom who can’t tie a simple knot, this was well worth attending. Lots of good info, & I can’t wait to play with bamboo.”

“Good amount (small) of people/group. EXCELLENT WORKSHOP! Thank you.”

“Very nice. I am very excited about learning more.”

“Great stuff.”

“Thank you. Perfect pace and well explained!”

“Great handouts.”

“Very informative and inspiring.”

From attendees of Inazuma Nawa workshops:

“i wanted to send a warm felt thanks for the presentation last night…totally rocked my perceptions of rope bondage..and have opened many new doors with what i do know.. “

“i want to thank you for the excellent class , i very much enjoyed the quality of the presentation as well as the content , good luck on the book , it will be a bdsm best seller for many years when you get it published , your handout was the best i have ever seen on any subject.”

“Great workshop, introduces a whole new/other dimension to rope bondage. Enjoyed it very much.”

“You rock!!”

“Beautiful work.”

“Fantastic! Even a beginner can pick this up easily. Thank you for such a good time.”

“Thank you. From a knot challenged rope top perspective this is a great alternative!”

“Wonderful presentation! Loved it!”

“Noble was great @ making sure individuals were up to speed.”

“One of the best benefits for $30 was amazingly good handout – photo & instructions”

“Exciting, fast, yet aesthetically beatufiful! Thank you.”