About the artist / photographer

Throughout his entire adult life Noble Manqué has been exploring his curiosity about consensual bondage and Dominant/submissive hierarchies with equally eager and willing partners. Noble’s photography and creative interests gravitated towards the art-nude in the late 70’s, and erotic imagery and rope restraint have been the main focus of his work for the past 10 years.

After experimenting with impromptu Western bondage, Noble started incorporating elements of traditional Japanese bondage he saw other American rope enthusiasts emulating. Eventually he developed and refined his own eclectic style fusing aspects of Shibari and Kinbaku with his own aesthetics and sensibilities. With time he’s become ever more intrigued with the artistic, philosophical, and psychological aspects of erotic restraint and the interplay of consensual Dominance and submission.

After developing a reputation for creating artistic and functional ropework Noble began providing quality rope bondage instruction in the Portland, Oregon area in 2008. Noble is the co-developer of Lightning Bolt Bondage, an innovative method of tying rope bondage using wooden toggles or pieces of bamboo in the ties. Noble presently teaches rope bondage and aspects of D/s interactions in workshops and private lessons to encourage other open-minded people to learn how to safely explore this powerful means of connecting deeply with their play partners, lovers, and themselves.



I have a long-standing love of the art of erotic rope restraint. I first ventured into the realm of rope bondage when I was 19, drawn by the allure and excitement of the taboo, and soon discovered its potential for powerful connection between the rigger and the recipient of the rope. So it was natural that my photography eventually focused on the beauty of rope on the human form and attempting to capture the sublime moments that rope restraint can create between two trusting individuals. Over time my evolving rope work became strongly influenced by traditional Japanese-style rope bondage; but I continue to experiment with new ties and patterns that emphasize the natural beauty of the models and increase their sense of falling completely into the moment.

Explorations of D/s hierarchies have provided me with the most intense and satisfying moments of intimate connection in my life. In my photography I strive to collaborate with my models to create intimate moments that reveal the power and beauty of this rich and varied realm.


More of Noble’s photos can be found in a gallery at 500px.